Charcoal for home users and specially for restaurants & catering:
50L Premium Restaurant Quality 100% Organic & Natural Real Lumpwood Grillon BBQ CHARCOAL

• 100% ORGANIC & natural REAL lumpwood
• Restaurant top premium quality
• Very short ignition time, easy to use!
• Long cooking time
• High quality three layer packaging

Brand:  Grillon BBQ
Item weight:  8 Kg / 50 L
Cardboard box dimensions for deliveries (1 bag per box):  60 x 40 x 30 cm
Cardboard box dimensions for deliveries (2 bags per box):  60 x 45 x 45 cm
Amount of bags per 1 pallet: 50 bags (2,6 m high pallet)
Product dimensions (bag):  80 x 53 x 20 cm
The naturality and high quality of our charcoal allows you to cook your steak straight on the charcoal as a world famous "DIRTY STEAK". It gives your steak really nice natural charcoal aroma!
Head Judge of Estonian Grilling Union & Grillfest, International BBQ chef ENN TOBRELUTS recommends:

Estonian company 'Grillon BBQ' produces the highest restaurant quality 100% organic real lumpwood charcoal (alder), which is undoubtedly the best one available. It is ideal for slow cooking, grilling and BBQ's because of its lump size. The carbon content of the charcoal is 82% ensuring a stable and high temperature during the cooking. Grillon has also a very low humidity content, therefore it lights up extremely well and is easy to use. Due to its three layer packaging with a middle film one, the charcoal does not get wet even when left out in the rain, meaning the high quality is guaranteed at all times. The strong handles make lifting the bag very comfortable. At least 80% of the charcoal is 50-100mm, 12% 20-50mm and only 8% 0-20mm, making it practically dust and crumb free. Thanks to its attractive and handy packaging, very short ignition time, and long cooking time, this is the most favoured charcoal amongst BBQ specialists, events coordinators and restaurants.